Kenyon were approached by the owner of a Stately Home in the Midlands with a view to having a bespoke Cold Room installed in his new Kitchen. The Client had seen another Kenyon bespoke Cold Room installed in another large residence in Hungerford and was happy with the high Kenyon specification.

On this Cold Room the exterior had to be “high grade” Satin finish Stainless Steel including the mode profiles used to create the energy efficiency within the Coldroom. The inside was white with the floor being “Anti Slip” Stainless Steel. Further more the client wanted the ability when guests were invited over for the Cold Room to function as a Chiller at 0C and a Freezer at -20C. This was achieved by firstly selecting the Kenyon 100mm thick Modular Coldroom Panels with Kenyon “mode profiles” to create the energy efficiency and thermal dynamics required.

Two Refrigeration systems were then selected operating on individual control panels. When freezing is required with low -20C temperature internal dynamics, system A is selected. When chilling is required with medium 0C temperature internal dynamics, system B is selected. Kenyon are experts at producing bespoke applications and Kenyon Cold Rooms are being more and more specified by Architects and Home owners alike.