Project Description

Kenyon were commissioned to design and build a large 30,000 foot Chiller Cold Room running at -2/0C. Our Technicians designed and calculated the duty on the Refrigeration System to achieve -2C. Three Separate Refrigeration Systems were installed coupled to a forced Air Evaporator. Refrigerant R404A was utilised being a very efficient low ozone depleting Gas.

The Panels were our Grande and Grosso PIR Panels. These Panels utilise our unique Push and Pull Cam Locks resulting in a very tight seal. This seal is important for temperature pull down, Plant longevity and heat and thermal loss through the fabric.

2 Sliding Doors were installed in Bright colours to make them stand out. The Floor was fully tiled and laid by Kenyon. The Refrigeration System is controlled by the Kenyon HaloX9 Panel that is also connected to the Building BMS Management system.