Kenyon were approached by a well- known prestigious Funeral Director in North Wales who are expanding to 4 branches.  Kenyon supplied them with Mortuary equipment over ten years ago that has been running without a hiccup ever since installation. Kenyon were asked to supply one of their High Efficiency 100% totally Modular single door Body Chambers. The Kenyon Chamber utilises a unique patented “Profile System” where every Panel locks in to a Profile. There is no need for Angle section, Screws, Rivets or Capping to cover and hide cut and carve Panels. Using Profiles creates super energy efficiency and a much lower Carbon Footprint. The Door opening was made to 800 mm wide to allow for Coffin access.

The Internal Furniture is all “Bright Polished” 316 Stainless Steel with fully height adjustable full width Rollers. The Refrigeration unit is a “Tropicalised” version to allow for easier running as the Coils have bigger Fin spacing that disperses heat more quickly, and in turn allows for higher Ambient running with relative ease. Ambient design criteria is critical to cooling duty.

The Body Trays are 660 mm wide Semi-Obese versions with Drain Hole and Plug. There are used in conjunction with the Kenyon Double Embalming Sink unit that was also supplied. The Trays are “Bright Polished 316 Stainless Steel”.

Kenyon also supplied a touch button re-chargeable operated HET style dual purpose Trolley for ease of loading and un-loading the Kenyon Body Chamber.