William Kenyon were approached by the School of Bio Medical Sciences Chair to supply and install high efficiency “low Carbon foot print” Body Freezers. These are utilised for fresh dissection. This was achieved by utilising our 100% Modular build Cold Rooms that utilise our patented Profile system. Every Panel locks in to a Profile which in turn locks in to another Profile. Utilising 100mm thick Panels and our unique Kenyon profile system creates a room of immense thermal dynamics and fabric efficiency. The Refrigeration unit that runs the Body Freezer is made with Tropicalised Fins that disperse heat quickly. The Condensor Fans are of a twin set up type with Fan Speed Controllers that control Head Pressure. Fan Speed Controllers are the only real way of controlling Head Pressure and Discharge Temperatures.

The surrounding room area is also temperature controlled using Air Conditioning again to keep the Refrigeration plant running with ease, for quicker pull down of Temperature and less energy consumption as a result.

The Body Chamber internal furniture is all bright polished 316 Medical grade Stainless Steel and utilises full width Rollers that are fully height adjustable in every direction.