Project Description

Kenyon were commissioned by the Jewish Burial Society to fabricate and design a Tahara wash facility that could be used with ease by both Women and Men conducting the Ritual washing of the Deceased in accordance with Tahara. Kenyon fabricated the Electric touch button Trolley to allow tilting of the “Kenyon Body Wash Board” to the exact Angle specified by the Burial society at the time of manufacture.

The “Kenyon Body Wash Board” was made from 316 Bright Polished Stainless Steel with a Foot rest at the Bottom. The Wash Board had special Belt Hinges welded to the sides for allowing for the fitment of 3 Strap in Belts. The purpose of these being to keep the deceased secure whilst keeping the Tahara performing operatives safe.

Water can be used with the “ Kenyon Tahara Body Wash Board” allowing it to free flow over the deceased in the correct manner.