Project Description

William Kenyon were approached by a large Chemical company in Stockport. The aim was for Kenyon to supply a truly energy efficient Cold room with Refrigeration to match, as temperature control was critical . The Cold room was manufactured in Italy at the factory then brought to site. The Kenyon Cold room is totally Modular and every panel locks together with Cam Locks. No Screws, Rivets or Angle section are used in the installation of a Kenyon Cold room. The internal floor is 304 Stainless Steel. Door are super seal made by Kenyon. Door furniture is Fermod for quality and reliability.

Refrigeration accuracy was achieved by the Kenyon Control Panel that uses several sensors that constantly map the environment within the Cold room space. The Sensors pass on Data every two seconds and the Hysteris and differentials are adjusted constantly. The Compressor is a Scroll for reliability, and Energy efficiency.

Temperature monitoring is sent to a BMS system via Wi Fi.

Truly Modular Body Chamber and Coldroom Solutions

All our Panels Cam Lock together to create a super-efficient seal. Even our Floor and Ceiling Panels are all Cam Locked. It’s wise to look for suppliers that supply Cold rooms that all Cam Lock together as if not they are simply installed using “Cut and Shut” Panels which are oversized and cut down then held in place with Metal Angle Section screwed to the Panels. This is not an Energy efficient way for the End user but a cheaper solution for the supplier.